SUP Lessons

“Our number one guiding principle is to teach people how to paddle correctly first. When we accomplish that we will limit the number of injuries and lay the foundation for our clients to carve out their SUP and fitness path.” 

-Brody Welte (Founder of Paddlefit and USA SUP Team head coach)

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Learn Proper Techniques


Learn proper SUP techniques from a certified Paddlefit coach.

Most people can stand, balance and paddle a SUP with 5 minutes of instruction.  The goal should be to paddle safely, efficiently and free of overuse/misuse injuries.  Bad technique and equipment can lead to muscle injuries and frustration and that can result in a premature exit from an exhilarating form of recreation and fitness.  Good technique, utilizing body core to drive your SUP, will give endless hours of efficient, fun and stress free paddling experiences.   The client will begin to develop a personal style and hopefully, experiment with other SUP venues and find the one that best exemplifies that style.

So…….that’s why we offer lessons!  We not only want to teach you how to paddle correctly and safely, so you can fall in love with paddling but to improve your mind, body and spirit.  The wellness that can be achieved, in these three areas, is found in the elixir that is paddling.

A Paddlefit coach’s goal is to take the client from the paddler they are today to the paddler they want to become. 

Tech 1: Basic Lesson (Rental customers)

On Land - 5 minutes

  • Safety procedures
  • Size equipment
  • Basic turns and stance
  • Paddle technique

On Water - 5 minutes

  • Getting on the board
  • Knee paddling
  • Transition to feet
  • Vision & momentum

Tech 2: Intro to SUP - $45

At the end of this lesson the client will be able to stand, paddle, control their board and navigate safely in water traffic and around obstacles.  All gear is provided.  The class will consist of two hours on the water and one hour on land.  Students can choose any combination of days to complete the class.


  • Monday / Wednesday / Friday, 6 to 7 pm
  • Sign up or show up.

Tech 3: Intermediate Lessons $90

Tech 2 is a prerequisite for Tech 3. At the end of this lesson the client will be an intermediate paddler; confident, comfortable, and well balanced on the board.  The student can correctly demonstrate four turn techniques, the four phases of a paddle stroke, and variations of a stroke.  The student understands and is able to implement core mechanics for better paddling experiences.  This is a four hour class both on land and water.  Students can choose any combination of days to complete the class.


  • Thursday, 6 to 7 pm  
  • Saturday. 11 am to 12 pm.
  • Sign up or show up.


Meet at the riverband below the Church St. bridge and Williams Ave., where the NSU rowing boats are positioned.

Private Lessons

Private lesson scheduling available through our shop.

Contact Cane River Paddle & Pedal Sports, 780 Front St. Ste. 104, Natchitoches, LA 71487  (318)527-0066 or (800)576-3778