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10'6" Mutli-Purpose (TCT & HTCT)

Perfect for all levels. Light weight, durable with high performance.

The Swiss army knife of stand up paddleboards, our incredibly durable 10’6″ multipurpose shape is designed to be good at everything. Great in small surf, superb in whitewater, and fun for a day of cruising or practicing yoga. Built with the same trusted Bounce Technology, this stand up paddleboard is perfect for those who tend to put their equipment to the test with rocky shorelines, busy rental docks, jagged launch points and whitewater rapids. Riders can expect superb surf performance as the board remains lightweight with excellent maneuverability.

Recommended for: Kids, Camps, Rentals, SUP Yoga, Surf and Whitewater.

Available in TCT and H-TCT (special order) constructions, find out more about the different technologies.


  • Length: 10’6″
  • Width: 31.5″
  • Thickness: 4.5
  • Volume: 210L
  • Weight: 31lb (TCT), 27lb (H-TCT)
  • Rider: Up to 240lbs 
  • Fin: Futures KEEL 44.4 fin 
  • Handle: LiftSUP 
  • Leash Plug: CONNEXSUP (nose/tail/center) 
  • Tie Downs: 2 tie downs

11’4″ Super Cruiser SUP (TCT & HTCT)

Performance and durability for flat water.

Our flagship model, this stand up paddleboard is perfect for those who want to cruise easily on flat water, rivers, lakes or ocean waves. The aerodynamic shape paired with a displacement hull allows the board to effortlessly cut through water. The scooped-out deck brings stability by putting the rider lower in the water. Hard rails and a 32″ width ensure that even novice riders stay dry.

Recommended for: Flat Water, Rivers & Lakes, Open Ocean, Cruising, Rentals and Camps.

Available in TCT and H-TCT constructions.


  • Length: 11’4″ 
  • Width: 32″ 
  • Thickness: 4.75 
  • Volume: 220L 
  • Weight: 33lb (TCT), 28lb (H-TCT) 
  • H-TCT only: Automated breather valve and drain plug 
  • Rider: Up to 250lbs
  • Fin: Futures KEEL 44.4
  • Handle: LiftSUP
  • Leash Plug: CONNEXSUP (nose/tail/center) 
  • Tie Downs: 2 tie down points

Sales & Demos


This kid's Race Board is a great starter for youngsters interested in learning SUP racing.  It's light (25 lbs.), epoxy construction and displacement hull design allows it to fly across the water.  Easily maneuverable.

9'6" L.

$ 599


The SUP ATX Scout model is the perfect all-around board with a clean no-frills design built for performance and style. Super stable, efficient fast glide in flat water. Included is an Integrated handle for easy carrying and a rugged, yet soft EVA memory foam deck pad that will keep your feet comfortable for hours! 

10'6" L. 

$ 1,180


The SUP ATX "Journey" is a performance-designed, all-around eps/epoxy construction paddle board for all types of stand up paddling including lakes (flat water), ocean surfing and even boat wake surfing for any size paddler weighing up to 250 lbs. Journey model paddle boards include the most popular features of boards selling for over twice the price. 

10'6" L.

$ 1,186


The ADVENTURE XL board is perfect for paddlers who weigh up to 400lbs! If you are looking for stability, look no further! A full length EVA foam deck pad gives this board a full non-slip surface. This board is perfect for tandem paddles with more that one person or the family dog on board! 

12' L. 

$ 1,186

Lahui Kai - Annabel Anderson Triple Carbon Tour

The Lahui Kai Annabel Anderson Carbon Tour board was designed by Brian Szymanski, Annabel Anderson, and John Becker. Annabel is the fastest and most highly acclaimed female paddler in the world! This shape features excellent stability, speed, tracking, control, carrying capacity and comfort in all conditions. No subtle detail was overlooked in deck design and tour configurations. This board features Lahui Kai 3X Carbon Construction, CONNEXSUP, LIFTSUP handle, and the proprietary SZY-TRE (pronounced SHIZZY-TREY) which is a gear saddle that keeps your essentials securely within arms reach. 

11'6" L.  29" W. 

$ 1,985


The SUP ATX Navigator is equipped with a displacement hull for superior glide and additional volume to accommodate up to 400 lbs. on deck. These attributes combine to make the Navigator the most versatile board in the SUP ATX lineup and the best fishing paddle board on the market. Featuring Connex SUP and a patented LIFTSUP handle. 

12'6" L. 

$ 1,385

Lahui Kai: Manta 3X Carbon

The new 12'6" Carbon Manta is here! This 12'6" race board features an optimal balance of speed and stability that works equally well in downwind, rough and flat-water conditions. Single-concave and nose-vee simultaneously split the water and provide lift, allowing the board to surf its own wake. Chimed rails narrow the water line and increase glide without sacrificing stability. The Manta is the current favorite of the Lahui Kai Team and perfect choice for the intermediate to advanced paddler looking to take their love of the sport to the next level. 

12'6" L.  28" W.

$ 1,035

SUP ATX Inflatable iSUP PAK

Best Use: Leisure paddling, Apartment/Condo Living

The 10’6” SUP ATX Inflatable iSUP PAK was designed with functionality, comfort, and convenience in mind. The SUP ATX inflatable board is built with an extremely rigid drop-stitch design and a removable center fin that provides consistent tracking. The overall shape makes for a stable inflatable, and the large EVA footpad provides excellent grip and comfort.

The SUP ATX inflatable package also includes a high-pressure spring valve, stainless D-rings for securing small cargo, a convenient carrying handle, a high pressure double action pump, and a handy backpack carrying case. The perfect board to get out and paddle anywhere on Earth!

10'6" L.  25 lbs.  225 lb. capacity     

$ 785 


Hobie Mirage Drive Boards

Stand tall on the water aboard the Mirage Eclipse, another world’s-first watercraft from Hobie.

Incredibly stable, just get on and go using MirageDrive® leg power. Soon you’ll fly high at exceptional speed, nimbly carving turns using fingertip steering controls. There’s minimal setup. Go from the car, the dock or your boat to the water in minutes. Cruise solo, with your partner or with a group. The Mirage Eclipse takes fitness out of the gym and onto the water and under the sun. The board is lightweight and durable and full of thoughtful features such as gear tie-downs and a carefree kick-up rudder. The Mirage Eclipse takes standup to a whole new level.

Mirage Eclipse 10-5


  • Crew: 1 
  • Length: 10' 6" / 3.2 m 
  • Width: 33.5" / 0.85 m 
  • Capacity: 225 lbs / 102 kg 
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 43.2 lbs / 19.6 kg 
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 54 lbs / 24.5 kg 
  • Hull Construction: ACX – Advanced Composite Epoxy
  • Color Options: Yellow, Blue

      $ 2,499

Mirage Eclipse 12-0


  • Crew: 1 
  • Length: 12' / 3.66 m 
  • Width: 35" / 0.89 m 
  • Capacity: 275 lbs / 125 kg 
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 48 lbs / 21.7 kg 
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 58.9 lbs / 26.7 kg 
  • Hull Construction: ACX – Advanced Composite Epoxy
  • Color Options: Yellow, Blue

    $ 2,599