Eco Tours

Sign up for one of our Eco tours and experience a real Louisiana adventure. Both SUP and kayak tours are available.

Black Lake

Black Lake swamp tour: SUP or Kayak

The Black Lake Eco Tour is SUSPENDED until the salvinia covering the lake is abated.  Salvinia is impossible to paddle through.  Check back for updates announcing resumption of the tour.

Paddle in a Cypress forest, through bayous and sloughs.  See abundant wildlife, including; water birds, raptors, deer, nutria, alligators, raccoons and many other indigenous species.  Learn how swamps are formed and sustained, as well as the ecology and Biosystems of the swamp from an experienced, professional guide. 

The Black Lake tour leaves from Paddle & Pedal Sports in Natchitoches at 9 am and at 2 pm.  Paddlers will be shuttled to & from the Black Lake put in point.  Paddlers can bring their own equipment or rent gear from us.  The tour round trip distance is 5 miles and takes approximately 3 hours with a lunch and restroom break.  Lunch will be provided or, if you prefer, bring your own.

Cost: $80

SUP rental $30

Kayak rental: Single--$30